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Spezial Editionz is a project curated by the Barcelona street artist Pez.

An exclusive place to find original, unreleased, hand-finished and limited editions by selected street artists. Right now, you can find spezial works by Pez, Jay Kaes, ChicadaniaZosen, El Xupet Negre or Slomo, among others. All these works come straight from the artists, so they are all are originals and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

At Spezial Editionz we work with artist limited prints, but also originals, canvases, sculptures, art wear and art toys. They all have one thing in common: being spezial, either because these works are scarce or the last units left of a limited edition or an Artist Proof or a unique piece... These works are always something spezial! 

From Barcelona to the world! Our orders are shipped using strong packages properly protected, in order to get the work to arrive in perfect condition. A shipping to Paris can take from a couple of days, meanwhile one to Australia can take around two weeks; they are all sent via express shipping and come with a tracking code. Also if you are in Barcelona, we are offering a free spezial local delivery option using the code #localspezial at the checkout. 

Our belief is that street art has a powerful and free language that can be expressed in many ways, techniques and styles. That's why in Spezial Editionz vivid pop works share a place with abstract geometrical efforts that might appeal to our most basic feelings or spread deep conscious messages while transport ourselves to a different place and time. 

Since 2021.

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