Spezial Chapter: Splash

Spezial Editionz presents: Spezial Chapter. For this new release, we are bringing together the talent of prominent Barcelona (and beyond) urban artists. A virtual collective show where all the artists participate in the same format, each of them contributing with their own vision.

Get exclusive new works by new old school Barcelona street art living legends PezEl Xupet Negre, and for the first time in Spezial Editionz, Kenor, Kram, Soem and Birdie. We are so happy to add these new artists to the Spezial Editionz family but also have some of the newer stand-out names on our street art, that take cues from Illustration, Pop Art or Vaporwave; Irene López León, Kamil EscruelaDante Arcade, Slomo, Chicadania, Jay Kaes and Morcky complete the line-up.

All these works have in common a splash-shape background, as in the picture below, and they all have been created just for this spezial release.

Check out all the works here. Splash!


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